Eircom are just UNBELIEVABLE! Murroe false service signups….

So, a while back, you sure heard me bitching a lot about not being able to get a decent broadband service in Murroe, Ireland.   You may also know that I teamed up with a fantastic company called Munster Broadband to bring a reliable and quick wireless broadband service to Murroe for the many companies and home users in this area.

For a year, this has been working well, I have a solid 8MB up and down business service from them, as do many of my customers around the area.   I know personally the effort that Munster Broadband put into getting Murroe connected and online when ICE, WTS and others just screwed it up…  over and over again.

Anyway, the latest in the broadband saga is that Eircom are finally going to enable the Murroe exchange.    They have decided apparently to do this in April this year (only 3 years late, but there you go).   Personally, I welcome this as I will happily use them as a backup service for my business.

That said, what they are doing right now has annoyed me so much I simply had to write this post….

They have an Eircom rep walking around Murroe, telling people that broadband service is here, signing people up!  When in fact, the service is NOT here yet!   They are simply “testing the waters”….     I have had three separate reports of this and frankly I think this is a disgrace!

How about doing your market research THREE years ago when we contacted you Eircom?!?!

The flip side….     good for our friends in www.munsterbroadband.ie whom are probably the most honest and reliable service I have used in years.


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