Remember IFSD? Remember that Shannon Scenery? Well, some good news…..

Over the past few weeks Graham and I have been working with Terry on the following announcement….

Long live Flight Simulator!

“Eiresim proudly announce the forthcoming release of Shannon Airport,
‘Gateway to the West’. Shannon Airport (EINN) is a significant
international airport with both modern and historical importance to
transatlantic flight and air traffic control. It serves over three
million passengers annually. This title is premium grade scenery
showcasing the latest animation and optimisation features for Microsoft
Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

airport covers 2000 acres on the rugged west coast of Ireland on the
Shannon Estuary, beside Foynes where flying boats once commenced their
voyages. The main runway is 3200 metres and there are 30 stands.

part of this release, Eiresim like to announce a merger with Irish
Flight Sim Design who have co-developed this release (Nick Whittome
& Graham Smith). IFSD have extensive experience in scenery products
for Microsoft Flight Simulator dating back to 2002 and IFSD will now
exist under the Eiresim brand.”


  2 Replies to “Remember IFSD? Remember that Shannon Scenery? Well, some good news…..”

  1. Vulcan
    January 20, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Only just caught up with your blog Nick. This is great news that IFSD will still exist under Eiresim.

    My main flying into Ireland is to Cork as I have friends there and fly to Cork in real life (not as flight crew I hasten to add).

    I am impressed with the Dublin scenery and the age of the guys who developed it and may well buy it just to give them support.
    Keep blogging about FS please Nick.

  2. Cathal
    February 14, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    Hi i love the new Dublin scenery, & the new Shannon 2010 scenery is going to be amazing im definatly goining to be buying it.

    Definatly Eiresim must create a new Cork scenery this really needs updating from the old IFSD. Knock also there has never been any scenery there but definatly Cork first & then there would be 3 high quality sceneries for the 3 primary airports.

    Hope news comes about a new Cork project soon. Cant wait to buy the new Shannon 2010 scenery, ive bought the new Dublin scenery & that is absouloutely class!!

    CORK, CORK, CORK cant wait.

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