iLinX "View" – A demo of iLinX

Further to my last post, showing iLinX in use, I have just found out that the guys over at have released “iLinX View”.   Here is an explanation of it…

“A number of dealers and end users have asked us for a demo version of iLinX so that they can try it out before shelling out $150. The problem has been that the Apple App Store explicitly bans demo versions of applications, so we’ve had a three month wrangle figuring out how to work round these restrictions while still publishing something useful. Now, we’ve finally got there!

So, please welcome iLinX View, a free version of iLinX. In terms of control it only allows you to select sources and change the volume and it also shows “VIEW” faintly over everything to highlight the fact you’re using iLinX View and not the real thing. Other than that, it does everything that the real iLinX does, so you can check out all the services, browse the media libraries and generally get a feel for the capabilities of iLinX.

Here is a direct link to the Appstore

The only other thing to note is that the App Store lists the version as 1.1. This is because that was the version of iLinX at the time when we originally submitted iLinX View and there is no way to change the version number during the approval process. iLinX View is in fact version 1.3 and is compatible with iLinX 1.3. As of the next release of the two apps the version numbers should get back in step.”

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