Logmein Sneaky Moves (again)

Well, I just blew a fuse.    It seems to me that there is no route back with logmein, and they have no interest in listening to their users.   The only answer I can see is to cancel any paid for services with them.

My post may be deleted on their forum, so here is what I wrote:

“I just lost it with my account manager.    So much so that I started shouting.  Unbelievable. 

This company simply does not give a monkey about its clients, and looks to me like they are not going to change a thing. 

I have asked for a credit on my LogMeIn ignition for PC and iPhone as it is now usless without the central product, and I am cancelling my logmein rescue accounts. 

I am expecting a call back from a “boss” of somekind, but I suspect nothing will change. 

A company like logmein are allowed to make mistakes, but what makes a good company is when the realise they have made a mistake and rectify it. 

I would have paid 300 or even 500 a year for the old interface, with groups, secondary users.   The crap logmein have offloaded here is just absolutely unbelievable.”


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