SBS 2008 Update Rollup 2 Released (KB960911)

Windows-sbs2008-logoAs you can see on the official SBS blog, update rollup 2 for SBS 2008 has been released.

Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 Update Rollup 2 is now available on Microsoft Update and WSUS. This rollup package addresses the following issues in Windows Small Business Server 2008.

  • Issue 1
    • After you configure Windows Small Business Server 2008, you manually change the Favorites and Links setting for Internet Explorer in the default domain group policy by using the Group Policy Management console. When you run the Internet Address Management Wizard, the wizard exits unexpectedly.
  • Issue 2
    • You may receive the “HTTP ERROR 401.1” error when you visit the following Web site from Windows Small Business Server 2008: http://companyweb
  • Issue 3
    • In the Add a New User Account Wizard, the order of the Last Name field and the First Name field is reversed. This problem occurs in the following language versions of Windows Small Business Server 2008:
      • Chinese (Simplified)
      • Chinese (Traditional)
      • Japanese
      • Korean
  • Issue 4
    • In the Italian versions of Windows Small Business Server 2008, when you click Connect to a Computer in the Remote Web Workplace, you navigate to an invalid Web page.
  • Issue 5
    • The Windows SBS Console may stops responding if duplicate entries of Anti-Virus programs were reported in client WMI database.
  • Issue 6
    • The Windows SBS Console may report “unknown” for some firewall applications that are installed on client computers.

NOTE: This update also includes all updates from Update Rollup #1, and supersedes that update rollup.


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