So let me ask a question….. about Flight Simulator

So, I was over at the Game Studios very briefly at this years MVP summit.   It is great to see that at least they have retained a good core group of people that can make “something” happen in the future….   what that something is, well…   I don’t know.

But I have a “community question” that I would like as many people to answer here for me.   It may give me at least some weight to take to the new team.

If the former flight simulator team at Microsoft made available, in a rough form, an unsupported set of tools that they may (or may not) have that would improve the current design tools available to FSX right now, would that at least soften the blow of ACES closing as we knew it and would it be helpful in keeping you all developing for the platform ongoing?

Post your thoughts here….

This is a chance to be heard, but ONLY for this specific question.   I won’t publish rants etc!


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