SBS2003 Migration to 2008. Some problems along the way….. (Part 2)

Following on from this post

The remaining issue with the SBS2008 machine was that somehow the Folder redirection policy got screwed up and even though the Group Policies on the network were now functioning, this policy was still missing and giving me this error in the SBS console:


So, to fix that I had to call in Damian (the man) once again to fix this as I did not know how.   Easier than typing out the whole process, there is a link to a screencast / jing video below of what was done. 

The bit missed just before the start of this video is that we got a backup from a “virgin” SBS2008 box and put it on the desktop of this server.   We also created a blank Policy called “Small Business Server Folder Redirection Policy”.

The most important thing is to ensure the security filtering is correct otherwise you will push the GPO to the whole OU!

Take a look at the video here

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