Netstreams TLA250

It is not often that something arrives on my desk that I am really impressed with – but the new Netstreams TLA250 Touchpad really is THAT impressive

The Netstreams DigiLinX TLA250 is a less expensive touchpad for around the home / office, complete with an amplifier built in.    The best part is that the touchpad face can be completely customised to match any decor, which is fantastic.   The way this works is that there is a glass panel that sits over a customised piece of “card” for lack of a better description.   When a user touches the glass, the sensor behind the card detects that and performs the input.

Apart from the obvious benefits for designers / architects around the world, there are other massive benefits to installing the TLA250.   Its built in 50 watt per channel Amplifier means that an installer need not install a separate amplifier in each room, or at the “head end” of the audio network.   The speakers for rooms where TLA250’s are installed are simply wired to this new touchpad directly.

Here are some picture examples I have gathered from around the web.   When I get the device installed and connected into our demo setup here at NTES I will be sure to post up a video.

In the mean time, enjoy the design goodness!




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