Irish Flight Sim Design – the end

Well…   it was fun while it lasted.

For the last two years my life has been hectic!   Moving home, new company offices, general life stuff.    During that time, one thing has become clear.   Unless I figure out a way to clone myself, something has to give.

Unfortunately, the thing that had to give was Irish Flight Sim Design.

So, the domain expired last week, and the hosting package is gone.   People did not seem to want to pick up the reigns and take control of the site, scenery and cost associated so I had to let it go….     Graham and I are both simply too busy right now.

Now, that said, I am going to renew the domain…   so if there are serious offers and someone wants to take over, it is yours.

Also! – and this is important – If someone is really serious about finishing off EINN (Shannon) airport, and they approach myself or Graham with a proper plan, we may be convinced to let you have our source code / work done so far….   no promises, I am just putting the thought out there for others to dwell on.

Maybe I can just give the source to my friends over on the ACES team and it could make it to FS(Next)….    who knows!  (Hal, that is directed at you!)


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