The advert I am waiting for from Apple

You know…


I bet that Apple will come back with one of their adverts after this.   It will be something like this…


Apple Man:  [Enters from right]

“Hi, I’m an Apple….”


Naked PC Man: [Enters from Left, has no clothes on…  (maybe a leaf or something for the watershed).   PC has a sign on his head saying ..  Mojave.


“…   and I’m a PC”..


Apple Man:    “Why naked PC?”


Naked PC Man:  “It’s my new operating system Mac…  it’s called “Mojave”.


Apple Man:  “Oooh, nice”


Naked PC Man:  “Yeah, we stripped Vista down, made it really quick, did not install any applications and pretended it was another OS.”


Apple Man:  “OK…”




Apple Man: “You know…   you look really great”



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