Funky SBS Monitoring Reports?

Susan Bradley has an interesting thread going on her blog, which you should give feedback on so we can get the team to fix the problem!

She asks:

Can you guys do me a favor?
How many of you have SBS Monitoring reports that as of lately have gotten a little funky?
(Meaning that one day they will work, another day they won’t)
When you go to the server monitoring console and select Monitoring the screen comes up with:

The page cannot be displayed
An error occurred on the page you are trying to view.

If you are one of these folks, so far we’ve seen this on SBS 2003 R2 servers that have integrated WSUS’s.

If you see this can you send me a list of the servers you’ve seen this on?

What a/v is on that specific server?

What the processors and RAM specs are on the impacted servers?

And if you’ve installed the SQL patch?

And are you on WSUS 2 or WSUS 3?

Right now we’re on a fishing expedition and we/I honestly don’t think it’s due to the SQL patches because we’ve seen it happen prior to that but we’re just wanting to see if there’s a pattern somewhere.

(thanks for helping out in gathering this info ahead of time btw)

Have a read here, and post your comments!

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