Vista, 2 weeks on……

My rant a couple of weeks ago got some attention from some clever people in Microsoft.    A few uploaded crashdumps later and the problem has 90% certain been found.    It turned out that a simple sidebar gadget that monitored my Axis security camera was bringing Vista to its knees.    Essentially, the handle count was way waaaay up….

Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous rant, I suspected a third party product problem.   But that IS the problem with Vista right?    The general consensus from users I come across is that Vista crashes, Vista is slow, Outlook on Vista is slow….   etc.    But, simply put, in almost every case of Vista issues, I have found a third party product to be causing problems.

Microsoft really need to come up with is a “click this button to find my problem” system.    Easier said than done, but there has to be a way!   Not everyone would be as quick to get top level support like I did, to essentially find a simple Sidebar gadget be the problem.

I don’t have the answers…   but I certainly can see the problem!


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