HP Mediasmart Server 1.3 Update driving me crazy – Manual Installation

I know that Microsoft spent ages making sure that Power Pack 1 for Windows Home Server would be rock solid.  (Especially when it came to the data corruption bug).

All it takes is a vendor to really screw things up!   HP’s own MediaSmart server website is really terrible at getting you to the right information about the update.    It simply mentions that an update is coming for the server, but does not point you to a place to get help on the updates.

For two days now I have been telling the HP MediaSmart server to install its updates, but it simply flicks up a box and does nothing (not even showing you that there are no updates available).   I initialy thought this might have been related to HP releasing the update, then pulling it…  but that did not seem to be the case.   it simply seems to be that the server does not download or do anything.

There are people on some of the forums saying they have a bad version of the HP update installed, this is not the case for me.   I simply have nothing installed from HP updating me to the new version.

So… as a workaround   if you have a server showing you the network critical message tick that damn box so that all your home network users are not seeing red!

23-07-2008 11-31-22


Tick enlarged for effect


Then, do this:

  1. RDP to your server.
  2. Download the HP patch from here manually.
  3. Install said patch
  4. Reboot
  5. Rejoice!



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