I am giving Vista 2 weeks…..

then I am removing it on my XPS 730.    While I will probably keep it on my laptop, I am out of ideas on how and why the fastest machine on the market can become a Amstrad 386 for periods when running Vista SP1.

AngryComputerNow, don’t get me wrong, I believe that this is a third party issue.   The problem is that I don’t have the time, nor the people available to me to connect in and analyse this system to find what is causing the hangs.   The main problem is that Process Explorer does not really show anything using processor or RAM when the problem occurs.  

The symptoms are strange.   Basically, windows on the screen become unresponsive.   Vista cannot even load it’s own task manager…    During this unresponsive time, process explorer does not even show a problem program.    The best I can figure is that dwm.exe and WUDFHost.exe in a svchost.exe process are quite busy….  

I even went as far as removing the NOD32 Antivirus to see if that made a difference, it does not seem to have.

Anyone out there with ideas?   Microsoft….   want to analyse this thing?

With the news that Windows 7 is essentially built on top of Vista’s code base, I am concerned.   Vlad made a great post on that subject here, which I totally agree with.

In the mean time…  if you think you can fix my Vista problem…   contact me!


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