They are holding me in a dark room

30 Minutes after I posted this two men in dark suits arrived at my door.   I have since been taken to a dark room and beaten severely.

Why?   Well, it seems that one side of Microsoft are not quite talking enough to the other.   I have been told by the men in dark suits (I have my suspicions)that I shall only trust them from now on…  and that these people are not to be trusted when it comes to Flight Simulator

I have been given back my laptop to pass on this important information:

Both versions regardless of service pack installed are supported until 1/10/2012. Official support for Service Pack SP1 ends 12 months after SP2 was released, but all this would mean is that there would be no specific support available for SP1 issues or issues resolved in SP2 and instead customers will be encouraged to install SP2 from here.


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