02 Ireland will not have an iPhone Business Package….

Dear LORD!    I am completely shocked by this, how can a company be so stupid!


Over the past 15 years, I have been a Vodafone Ireland customer (previously Eircell).   I had, this morning, finally made the decision to move our entire companies set of Mobile phones over to 02 based upon the new iPhone 3G.    Up until now, I have been using a Jailbroken unit with Vodafone.


So, I call up, I speak to the representative and we organise a visit from an 02 rep.   At the end of the call I mention that the www.02.ie website is terrible and shows none of the business plans.   (Unlike the www.02.co.uk site). 


I am told there are NO BUSINESS PLANS going to happen in Ireland…    like WTF!   I nearly blew a gasket…     how is this common business sense?    For once, 02 actually have a way of taking market share from Vodafone in Ireland and they go and screw it up by not having a business plan…   that means no 02 to 02 free calls, no internal free calls, no shared texts, no shared minutes!




I tried to contact 02’s Irish Director Danuta Gray, but she is away…    Steve Job’s needs to kick 02 Irelands arse, like right now…     Shocking, simply shocking…..


Can you tell I am annoyed?


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