Brushing off the cobwebs…

Sorry for the lack of posts, informative and not.   It seems that time is limited lately!

In an attempt to kick things off again here…     While I was gone, the following happened:

Flight Simulator

  • The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team released FREE Acceleration Pack Missions
  • Hidden away in this post, Adrian Woods let us know that he is improving the MaxScript tools in a major way.   (I have seen early versions, and designers are going to love the work that he is doing on this!)
  • Hal Bryan posted about the MVP summit visit 2008 to the studio on   He quite clearly noted my skill of “linking people” and letting them do the work!
  • Phil Taylor posted about 12 more blogposts to his site, once again providing large insight to FS / ESP team!  Check them out!   Phil is pretty “straight to the point” and I for one LIKE that….  (Unless, of course, he is straight to the point about me)
  • Arno has been working hard on ModelConverterX.

Small Business Server


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