I needed that post…. :)

For the past few days, my house has been having power problems….   Lights turning off and on, power tripping out in the office and the like.   I called the Irish power providers (the E.S.B.) on Sunday night to complain with a couple of beers in tow…     it seemed to work, because a nice fellow from the E.S.B turned up on my doorstep an hour later at 10pm!

Now that’s good service!

Finally we managed to get the problem to reproduce itself at about midnight after many tests.   My previous explanation of “my house looks like it has a poltergeist” did not cut it…    I was never so happy to have a fault in my life; the poor guy honestly thought I was making it all up.

They spent the entire day disabling all the neighbours’ power supplies to finally figure out that “because I have the best power supply in the area, I am the earth for everyone”.  


So…   where the hell was I going with this post…?    Oh yes… I wanted to put you all in the direction of Hal’s post.   It cheered me up to no end after these few days of power outage hell.


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