The Windows Home Server Team

WHSLogoOver the summit I met a good few of the product teams, including the guys at Windows Home Server.

Now, I am under NDA, so I have to be careful what I say here, but as a few people know there has been a Windows Home Server corruption bug issue floating around for the past few months.   Some pundits have, of course, slated the team over at Microsoft for this issue and the lack of updates from the team.

You see, that is the problem…  they are pundits that simply want a story…  They do not give the whole picture and “human factor” of the Microsoft team behind the product.   

Data corruption is taken very seriously by the team,  but the reality is that the problem has only affected a few people.   Also…   and this is where I am pushing the boundaries a bit…   there are top people working on the issue, and a fix will be forthcoming (along with the new Power pack features).   The team, from conversations I had with them, are passionate about getting the right fix to everyone along with the new features of the Power pack.  Since the fix is at the kernel level of the OS, they are spending some extra time testing it… which I am sure that nobody, in their right mind, would complain about.

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