Wild and Crazy – Apparently

Owen says I am “Wild and Crazy”.  Really?  Who knew.

Yes, I will be attending this year’s MVP summit in Redmond.  I missed the last one because of the house move that was going on (still is to some extent).

This year Microsoft have given us method to be able to split out compentencies officially.  Before, I simply “Bunked off” going to sessions with the SBS guys and snuck into the ACES studios, drank beer, chatted, played Flight Simulator and was generally merry.  The SBS MVP’s could never understand why when I came back to them I had a big grin and was swaggering a little.  Now they know.

Anyway, I am rambling as usual.   Bottom line is that as soon as the MVP team figure out why I can only select from the SBS tracks, and not both compentencies, I will sort out exactly what I am doing at this years summit….    but I expect to be with the Games for Windows guys for at least one day (and one night <<<< beer session)!

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