iPhone Ireland Flop

Thanks to Eric down under for emailing me this:


Thank god theres still some semblance of sanity back home and we didn’t go the way of the Yanks and Brits in queueing for days for a poxy phone!


See pics…O2 have set up crowd control barriers on Grafton st…….6 people queued, the earliest 1 hour before the shop opened!


The whole thing has been a mighty flop! I’m delighted that people haven’t been taken for fools!


People were probably doing the same as me and sourcing phones from abroad.   Yeah, you heard that right,  I do have a few iPhones here now…   and they are all unlocked and on other networks.   All that is needed now is for one of the other service providers to give an unlimited data package for a decent price and everything will be perfect.

Oh, and I was talking to someone that works in O2 the other day.   It turns out that the staff are being fed a load of marketing rubbish about how the release was amazing and they sold out of phones….    well…    it is easy to sell out of phones if you only order in a handful

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