Oooooh, I am in hardware heaven……

How about that for the geekiest title ever.  

For about 6 months, since my move of home and office and as I have already said, I have not done much Flight Simulator stuff.  But there is another core reason for my lack of “hands on” time with FS.

Lack of power.

Yes, that’s right…   my Dell Precision P650 has served me well, but I have finally realised that it is actually quite a lump of crap when it comes to current gaming requirements.   That is why I have today ordered a nice new shiny Dell XPS H2C machine with all the top options.   Granted, I had to sell my twin sisters to the highest bidder to be able to afford it, but who cares…   this PC is worth it!

Not only does it have fancy flashing LED lights which every gaming geek loves, but it has some serious horsepower as well.

What this means in real terms is that not only will I be able to enjoy and play FSX again, but I will be able to get back into designing scenery add-ons and working on more animation techniques again.   Maybe I will even be able to finish off the Shannon Airport scenery! (That is if I can find more texture designers to take the pressure of Graham).  

I also intend on performing a swift rugby tackle on Adrian Woods at this years MVP summit in Seattle to help me get some IK animation tutorials out to the public domain so that more people can design moving gates that automatically move to the aircraft and other cool stuff like that.

Along the same lines of this post, I also notice that Phil Taylor from the ACES team has also posted some excellent information on the importance of decent hardware specification!

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