DigiLinX Downtime

I read this yesterday and meant to point readers to Joshes interesting post on his “Digi Downtime”.

I have to say, I agree with everything that Josh points out in his blogpost.   I too hope that Netstreams change their stance on third party developers and start embracing clever people like Josh!

I also note that Josh mentions that he is going to post something in the near future about Netstreams DigiLinX and IR.   I do not know if his post will be anything to do with my thoughts on that subject, but suffice to say I have been having awful times getting IR Passthough working with any devices.   Laggy response, no response, delayed response…. that kind of thing.

Now, in fairness to our friends in Netstreams, they are telling me that they are working hard to isolate the specific IR passthrough issues I am seeing, and as soon as I get an update I will be sure to post it here!

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