Flight Simulator SDK Team wants your feedback

I will not repeat what Arno has already said….   but now it is your opportunity, as a Flight Simulator Developer, to give feedback on the Flight Simulator SDK and interact directly with the team on fsdeveloper.com

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  1. Justin
    January 27, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    I love doing ifr flights in fsx but I can’t seem to figure out how o make the vehicles work once i land. I can get the jet way and pushback and stuff but I cant get any of the luggage carts any other vehices to work any suggestions would be great.

  2. Ishme
    March 27, 2008 at 9:44 am

    I am surely not an experienced user of Gmax the flight simulator SDK or associated software. I started with the Gmax and taught myself a bit about using it. (Using gmax Bible – Kelly Murdock really good stuff). My knowledge of Cad applications really helped me in getting the hang of using Gmax and I feel comfortable that I would be able to handle developing my own objects to whatever degree of complexity one would like to go to.

    My final goal would be to include my creating into my flight simulator.

    I bought Microsoft Flight simulator X Deluxe especially for the extra functionality.
    Having had my own problems with this edition of the flight simulator I do not wish to add to all the reporting on this issue.

    I have loaded Sp1 for FlightSimulatorX.
    There is no Sp loaded for the SDK
    gmax installed as ver 1.2 from the CD as per included with Gmax Bible.

    I followed the instructions the — Modeling tools.html — file to get the “gamepack” running in Gmax that being the following:

    In order for 3ds Max® to work correctly with the scripts and tools of this SDK, go through the following steps:

    Install and run 3ds Max®.
    Select Customize on the main menu.
    Select Customize Paths from the drop-down menu, then the Plug-ins tab from the Configure Paths dialog.
    Select Add, and then browse to the Microsoft Flight Simulator XSDKEnvironment KitModelling SDK3DSM7 folder.
    Select Use-Path and OK, and this path will appear in the dialog.
    It is now necessary to shutdown and restart 3ds Max®.
    On restarting a new main menu item FS Tools should appear, with three drop down options for the attach tool, animation manager, and cloud tool.
    You are now ready to use 3ds Max® to create Flight Simulator X models.

    The — Modelling tools.html — refer to 3ds Max® and not gmax but in my uninformed opinion it should not make a difference.

    After all is said and done on running gmax the “SDK-files” FSModelExp.dle, MaxUtil.gup and MaxXML.gup fails to initialise.

    I have battled with this problem for many hours looking for solutions on the net but I only managed to find other posting identifying the same problem but with no response as yet to their postings. In my search for a solution I used the FS2004 —FSModelExp.dle—- file and gmax loads that. My uninformed opinion would be that the MSFSx —FSModelExp.dle—- file rely on one of or both the —.gup— files.

    To stop the nagging my problem would boil down to, what to do, to get gmax to load these files.

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