Select licencing should look after the smaller companies too…

No, it’s not Microsoft bashing week….  but another annoyance today.  We are being punished for being a small company, selling to a global small company, and Microsoft don’t seem to care.

We have a client that is essentially 5 small offices spread out around the world.   They range from 5 to 50 users per site, with about 150 users worldwide.    As their I.T solution provider, they trust us, they want to work with us, and they want us to have the I.T business they require.

A few months ago, planning started on moving them from separate domains, to one larger domain via MPLS links.    We have arranged everything, including the Microsoft licencing (moving them from OEM to Full Licence).   We convinced them that it is right to move to this more expensive solution from Microsoft and then the we hit the crunch.  (After the order was placed)

Open Licence is for Europe only.   I need a select agreement, but I cannot get that as the client is under 250 users.    A request to the licencing team to allow a global agreement was rejected.

How about that…    I am a small company, and Microsoft want me to essentially just hand this business to another company in the USA! 

That sucks.


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