Maybe I should just give up on Office 2007

Forewarning, this is a rant….

Maybe I am just annoyed because today Rachel and I had to work on accounts and this was her computer that was not working, but this is crazy and I have to get it off my chest…

Right now, I am looking at a machine, no more than two years old, Pentium-M, 2GB RAM, 7200RPM Hard Drive.   It is running Windows XP, is fully patched, and took me a day to install because of the 150+ updates I had to download across a damn crappy wireless internet connection.   All works well…  and then….

I install Office 2007, with SP1, and that horrific application that is Windows Desktop Search

…this machine is now about as useful as a hooker in a nunnery.

Microsoft.   It is time that you started making software that runs on CURRENT hardware and stop developing based on projected hardware expectations!

Rant over…   I feel only slightly better.

Merry Christmas.


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