Intuit: "Sir, I guarantee you Small Business Server is 64 Bit….."

…  “and that is why we don’t support Quickbooks running on it”.


You could have heard my screams from the moon after my discussion with the line supervisor on the UK support team on Friday.   No matter how much I tried to explain to this guy that this could not be the reason that they do not work on SBS, he kept insisting that SBS was 64 bit only and that is why their software does not work. 

As I was talking to this moron, a supervisor lets not forget, I realised that the only point of staying on the phone would be to see if he got so confused by the conversation his last remaining brain cell failed and he stopped talking all together.  Unfortunately that did not happen, and as he had no superior to pass me onto (which made me think that he must have indeed been the CEO of Intuit) I gave up…. 

I ended up just creating a network share and putting the data file in that folder and giving all accounts users access.   But can anyone out there tell me why Intuit cannot get the “server only” install working on SBS?

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