FSdeveloper.com facelift

Logo1As you may or may not be aware, Arno, Alex and I have been preparing the FSDeveloper.com face-lifted site for a while now.

The move is not only a face-lift and new logo, but a launch of new features and improved bandwidth capability.   This is to allow for the fact that the ACES development team will be working more with the community on our site and that means the ability to cater for more users was needed.   The good news is ownwebnow.com gave us a great deal on the hosting and we are essentially unlimited now with growth capacity!

So, come visit…   and you too can work with like minded developers and the Microsoft ACES development team when they pop in!   ACES members have the  Aces logo next to their name on the forum, and MVP’s have the Mvp logo – just in case you need to pick us out 😉

Come visit and tell your friends!

(Note that you will have to wait for the DNS to update to see the new site!)

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