Sage 50 2008 Report Designer – Upgrade Issues

Sage50LogoSage recently released Sage 50 2008 (14).   So far I can report that this is not the same nightmare that was Sage 2007 – (Unlucky 13).  In fact, it seems that Sage have turned a new page and are finally testing their product before shipping it.   Long may that trend continue.

The only issue I have found so far is with some of my Sage 12 email reports not correctly converting up to version 2008.    However, there are solutions to the two issues I had, detailed here:

Double “+” Bug

You can set up a Sage report in version 12 so that it displays fields of your choice on the subject line, or in fact anywhere in the email.  

For instance, this code:


would display the following on the subject line of the email:

NTES Limited – Sales Invoice – 10000

However, if you upgrade this report to version 2008, you will see an error like this:

Report Designer was unable to generate the report:



Report Designer was unable to generate the report:  ‘+’ is not defined for objects of type System.String and System.Int32
This is caused because of a bug in Report designer for Sage 50 2008.   Basically, it does not like the double use of the “+” sign.   There is however a workaround to this issue.   Change the code to use the CString command for the second field you wish to show like this:


Then, all should work fine for you.

Carriage Return

The second “hidden feature” is that, for some strange reason, the carriage return does not work when you are typing in the “with the following note” field to add text to your email that you are sending.   This is annoying to say the least, especially when you are creating a set of instructions / signatures with your invoice / report you send out.

The answer is easy, use the undocumented feature of CTRL+RETURN


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