GFI Webmonitor 4 released – not without problems

Recently GFI released GFI Webmonitor 4.   We have upgraded a few sites without issue – but then we hit a problem.

On one particular site had installed GFI MailArchiver 4 as well as GFI Webmonitor 4.   On this site, whilst the Webmonitor application appeared to function, the GUI administrator interface gave various errors relating to .NET not finding the application.

After a few days working with the team at GFI they reported the problem to be that the two applications shared the same IIS Port, 8017.   How this got past testing amazes me, but there is a fix….   here it is:

  1. Stop the GFI MailArchiver Core Service
  2. Stop the GFI MailArchiver Core2 Service
  3. Stop the GFI WebMonitor Service
  4. Follow the procedure in this file.
  5. Start the GFI Webmonitor Service
  6. Start the GFI MailArchiver Core2 Service
  7. Start the GFI MailArchiver Core Service


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