I have missed a whole lotta stuff….

For the last 4 months I have been disconnected from the web and life in general while I moved the office and the home…  

In fact I am still not fully connected to the web as I have no fixed IP address and am behind a proxy that the wireless provider has been promising to open for over a month now.   The problem is that here in Ireland you have no choice but to go with the local wireless broadband provider so you are over the barrel so to speak.   Anyway, that situation is a whole other story.

I do feel like a bit of a let-down to the community in regards to both Small Business Server and Flight Simulator as I really have not had time to do too much.   I guess sometimes real life does have to get in the way.   Over the coming few months I aim to get back into the swing of things and get back to keeping you updated like before.    Anyway, I am going on a bit…   so here is a list of things that I missed…   and you may have too!

Owen reports on Oshkosh (Oh how I wish I could have afforded the trip)

The FSX: Acceleration Trailer was released in HD

Adrian put up some more posts on Performance Art which are well worth a read.

Hal Bryan seems to be on some drug that allows him to type a thousand words a minute and he is filling up the Windows Live Spaces server with various interesting ramblings that you should read.

Arno has been working on a ton of stuff, and both of us will soon be working on something cool with fsdeveloper.com <<<  that is when I get a few hours!

There is more, but I have just been called away to sort yet more house problems….    more soon, I promise….

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