Tip o' the hat to the folks at RAKO Controls…

We just recently implemented RAKO wireless controls at my home.   This is part of my new pet project.

It was a late night, and I had finished the setup of the RAKO Controllers and RAK4 dimmers around the house. I decided to go to the top of my driveway and turn on all the lights in the house from the wireless hand-held controller.   Everything dimmed up fine, but then it happened….

Lights started flickering, turning off and on, and basically going crazy.   It looked like a scene from a poltergeist movie.   While the thought did cross my mind that I may have indeed built my house on an ancient graveyard and that Casper was coming to get me, I soon came to the realisation that there must be some other problem.

The next morning, I put a call into the folk over at RAKO Controls, and was greeted by a very professional bunch of people that for the last week have  pulled out all the stops to ensure that my system got up and running in the quickest possible timeframe.   I wanted to thank the team at RAKO publicly here because, frankly, it was the best support I have received from a company in a long time.

For those interested, the problem actually turned out to be the good ol’ Irish electricity board not providing me with a decent enough power supply.   The RAKO team sent me a set of updated RAK4 boards that allow for this, and all is now working perfectly!

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