Netstreams is cool, but I am not….

Over the past week I have been working hard on getting the final fix done for the NetStreams DigiLinX system at the demo home.  I felt really good yesterday when I plugged in my iPod into the Streaming Music Manager and 10 minutes later I had my entire playlist available to me and streaming to 4 rooms.  

This was great until my now 17 year old niece decided to browse my tunes and managed to find only one album that she liked!   Apparently I am “uncool” and “not with it”.

When I explained to her that she could either plug in her own iPod and we could play those tunes instead she told me that she did not have an iPod.  

Me:  “If I get you an iPod, do I become cool again?”

Aoife:  “Yes, of course”.

Then it hit me….     

Me:  “Hang on…   you don’t need an iPod, you can plug your mobile phone into the Audio Port in your room and play the tunes from that through the system”.

Aoife:  “That makes the NetStreams system cool, not you…”

Me:  “An iPod it is then”.


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