Animated Jetways in Flight Simulator X

As some of you already know, for Flight Simulator 9 I did a couple of animation tutorial videos for people wanting to create animated jetways.  They are still on AVSIM here:

The above tutorials would work well if you were using Arno’s Actigate system, but that had its limitations as we had to share the memory space in FS9 with other add-ons, like for instance the excellent remote controlled scenery from the Finnish Scenery Designers which caused conflict.

The good news is that in Flight Simulator X, there is some cool inbuilt technology that allows the animated gate to always move to the door of the aircraft without having to create multiple animations.   In the SDK, the FSX team (or specifically Adrian Woods) has provided an active document to help us design an IK (Inverse Kinematics) based gate to use in FSX.  There is a catch of course…. You had to understand IK

Now, the good news is, that after much beating with a stick, Adrian has agreed that he will give us some videos of his own (which I will put up on to show us all how to do this!

Nice one Adrian!  Thanks from all of us!

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