Flight Simulator – Multi core support, SLI and SP1

Only yesterday Argisht “SwitchFX” left a comment on this thread looking for clarification on what Flight Simulator X SP1 will do for Multi-Core support.   I could not say much then, but the good news is that Phil Taylor could.

Phil’s post here pretty much clarifies what FSX SP1 will be aiming for in regard to multi-core and SLI improvements.   The main snippet that most would be interested in is:

One goal of SP1 is to reduce the CPU-bound nature of FSX which should help SLI by reducing the point at which benefit is shown, eg at a lower resolution. Another goal of SP1 is to increase the multi-core nature of FSX and get benefit during rendering. How much of that we get in SP1 is still to be determined. But let’s be clear about what is and is not true today; in the interest of facts and rational discussion. It’s only then that our roadmap makes sense.”

Phil has a second post here that explains in detail the ACES team roadmap for DX10 support and I’ll be the first to say:
“Yes Phil, we DO appreciate the openness!”

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