A Wii bit of Fun

WiiAfter a month of waiting, Rachel finally got her birthday present.   The Nintendo Wii.

I was not allowed to unpack and setup the thing myself (plus she was still not talking to me about the whipping incident), so I had to wait.  Once Rachel had the thing connected, the fun started…

The Wii has built in wireless which was really easy to setup.   Once connected to the internet you get a weather service, news and the like.   I have to say, the interface is much better than the X-Box, but then again…  it is appealing to a different market.

We then loaded up the Sports games that come with the console, and proceeded to play and drink.    Excellent fun, this really is a console for those that like the alcohol     The drunker you get, the more fun the games!

I strongly recommend that you go out and purchase one!




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  1. March 4, 2007 at 9:24 am

    So let me get this straight… first you whack your good lady wife with a towel hard enough to send her yowling, then you try to make up for it by getting her a Wii loaded down with sports games? My friend, you’re only one vacuum cleaner gift away from being knifed in your sleep. 😉

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