Flight Simulator bag of updates….

Hal talks about lack of communication.    He’s right you know, I did not know about the FS Insider article either….   but on the other hand, I presume that Hal has installed a feed reader to check in automatically all the blogs without having to go out and surf the web to find out this stuff? 😉

In regard to FSX SP1, I can’t wait to see how it improves things in the game.   If I get the go ahead I will be sure to post my thoughts here on the blog.   Also, if I do make it to this years MVP summit (which is still a 50/50) I will try to get some interview time with some of the team.  If not, you will have to ask one of the other MVP’s.

Thanks to Owen for the link to the article on Dave Denhart.   It is an interesting read.

One last note.   When I figure out how to connect my TrackClip Pro to my Sennheiser Wrap Around headset I will give you a review 😉

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