FSX Patch coming prior to DX10 update?

Derek just posted a comment on this blogpost I wrote a while back.

I tend to agree that it should be more officially noted that an update for FSX is on the way.    Maybe a news item or something on the fsinsider.com website.    However, I suspect that the team are simply too busy working on a pre-DX10 update for us all.   That said, I have emailed the relevant people and I am making sure they are still listening 🙂

Derek…   if you want official clarification that a service pack is on the way, read this post from Paul and this one from Adrian.  Though I do not know if it will address the specific issues you mention….

Also, take that thing out of the draw you put it in and give it another go.   This time, read the “What’s your framerate Part I” and “Whats your framerate Part 2” articles that Hal posted to fsinsider.com.

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