Bye Bye Monkey

Munster vs LeicesterYes, it happened…   

During the match yesterday, I shouted “Ooowww mwayy gaaawwwd” (translated – Oh my God), in my finest Dublin 4 accent.  This is a depressing step in my conversion from English roots to Irish Munster Supporter.  If you are ever standing next to me at a Munster game and hear me say that, I give you full permission to smack me in the mouth.

The better team won on the day, the Leicester Tigers defence was amazing and they took the game to us.   But that is not what I am here to write about as there are far better pundits than I!   I am writing about is the good side of our loss at Thomond….    The unbeaten home record was one monkey that I am happy to see removed from the back of the team, so good riddance to that finally!

Maybe we are now going to see less “cling on” supporters in this tournament, that have started to ruin Munster games, as I very much doubt they will spend the money to travel to the away matches.   There was a serious amount of people yesterday that could not get a ticket that were even more deserving than I, and certainly more deserving than most of the people I saw at the game.  Yes, that includes you people that started to leave the game early from the south terrace!   This is something that I have never before seen at a Munster match and another sign that the wrong people are getting the tickets…    Roll on the new Thomond Park when we will all have room to see our team play.

I am still in no doubt that Munster will get to the Heineken cup final this year.   I will be there, singing and shouting our team to a second European title.

Like last year…

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