Silly Handango… sending me the wrong software – and where is my upgrade?

People…   be careful. 

First, I ordered Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 for my Palm Treo 750v phone.    Then I find out that in America, you can get the upgrade version for less than half price from Handango, but not on their UK or Europe site.   What gives…?   Seems like a deliberate delay to make more money to me.

Second, I order the software online – as I really want the new bluetooth support – and I select the Palm Treo 750v as my phone model.   What do they do…   they send me the smartphone version and not the pocketpc version!   Gaaaah…. 

Since Handango do not have a telephone line (that I can see anyway) for support in Ireland / UK / Europe, I have contacted them via their online form.   That was nearly 36 hours ago now…   

My suggestion…   get Voice command somewhere else, and make sure that you are very clear on the version you need for your Windows Mobile 5 device.


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