Hey Nick… WUS up with pulling the links?

Today, two men, both wearing sunglasses came to the front door.   There was a flash of red light and that’s the last thing I remember.   Since then, this post lost it’s links.

OK, here is the real scoop.   Microsoft are very aware that this stupid and highly frustrating issue needs to be addressed and the teams are working hard on it.    However…    I still say not hard enough.    You know guys (MSFT), you really do need to understand that if “Farmer Joe” down the road from me has his machine crash and get slow he does not care about your internal issues, he just wants a fix.   Worse still, after it taking me a year to convince “Farmer Joe” that he should use automatic updates to keep safe and secure, he will turn it off and never look at it again.

What is worse?    A patch that can cause issues on some machines or people disabling automatic updates and not getting patches at all?

I am willing to bet that, like Exchange server, there is – or will soon be – more WSUS installations by SBS R2 than by regular download of the product.   That means that the WSUS team need to start to listen to us SBS’ers.  Frankly, I believe that the WSUS team have ignored community feedback and have not prioritised this issue enough.   Either that, or they have not been given the resources to fix this issue…  either way, I don’t really care…  I just want a patch released by the end of this month!

I will say that I have heard rumours that there will be another interim fix released soon, but again not publicly…     this time I am not going to publish the fix as we need people to call into PSS and request it.   That way Microsoft may finally realise how many people this is really affecting.  In this day and age of “community” that MS appears to still use the archaic “phone call count” as the yard stick of pain.  These days a good search engine with the key words of svchost.exe CPU 100% and what not is a far better indicator of real customer pain.

I believe that the article will be here (and I just called in and got the fix for that number 927891)

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