Something you can do for me this Christmas… A friend in need.

Some of you know that each year I try to get to the Winconnections summit in America.     Recently, instead of that, I attended the first Minasi forum members event in Virginia. (There is another one this year, but I wont be able to attend).   Anyway…  I am rambling as usual…

A few years ago, at Winconnections, I met (among other great people) someone I now consider a good friend.   Ron Hrehirchuk, and his wife Tracy. (Hi Tracy!).   This year, something quite terrible happened to Ron…   what started out at a headache ended up being a rare condition called Blastomycosis Meningitis.   Without going into it all here, you can read the long thread on the subject on Mark’s forum here.

I often get someone ask me “How can I pay you back for fixing my….” <<<   insert something I fixed there…        Normally I tell people not to bother, what goes around comes around…   however….

Now I am calling on you, you know who you are…    you are the people that at some stage said the words above to me.   Now you can pay me back by sending some money to the Hrehirchuk clan.   The link is here to the Paypal account.  

(On a side note, if you are one of the really rich folk I know – again, you know who you are, I will beat you with a stick if you do not give something substantial) LOL

Ron is the guy to my right (the one with the smaller teeth)

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