Comments on FSX and some feedback from the ACES Team

I have sure been getting a lot of traffic on the blog since the release of FSX.   There were over 50 comments posted to this thread, but I simply had to remove most of them because they were unconstructive or just plain insulting / rude towards the ACES team.

For those that posted the nasty comments.   DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS LIKE BEFORE!   When we had NO feedback or information from the team?   Yes, the same team that I and plenty of others spent a LONG time convincing to start blogs, communicate, work with us….   would you prefer the Flight Simulator team just went back to the release a version, dissapear for two years, release another version method?

Sorry for shouting, but STOP AND THINK before posting.   You can put forward your concerns and be firm…  just don’t resort to rudeness, I cannot abide it.    I am one of only a few FS Related blog sites where the comments are not immediatly moderated, I would like to keep it that way, but if this continues I will be left with no choice but to check every post made here. 

Now onto the good news! Paul has just posted on his blog about the areas that the team are working on at this time.

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