Speed up FSX on your current PC, and then start saving for a DirectX 10 Video Card.

I have been getting lots of email from people whom have been lucky enough to get their hands on FSX.   A lot of them have been saying "Ewww, it is slow on my machine".

I mean, come on…  what did you expect!    Microsoft were never going to release a version of the sim that would run with all the sliders maxed out on current hardware.   They have put a serious amount of graphical goodness into this version, but it is fair to say that until the new generation of video cards come to the market, you are not going to see the full benefit.

By the time FS (Nextversion) comes to the market, you will all be saying the same thing again.   I know I was when FS 2004 ACOF was released.   I have upgraded my machine twice since then.

So, some advice for the "virgin install" of FSX on your current hardware.

1.  Load the game, put all the sliders to maximum, watch the smoke rise from your Dual Core machine that you thought was "all powerful", go back to the setting screen.

2.  Turn off Autogen

3.  Turn off Bloom

4.  Go back to the game, and enjoy for a few months

5.  Save money, wait for the release of DX10 Video Cards, and then wait some more for the second version of the DX10 Cards.  Then buy one.

6.  Go back to settings and turn on Bloom and Autogen

7.  Enjoy the game some more

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