And I thought that the I.T. industry was cutthroat…..

Whoa…   it seems I have rattled a few cages with my Netstreams venture!

Over the past two weeks, since it's launch, the new site has generated some good leads, and has also generated some anger from other AV companies in Ireland whom seem intent on not allowing anyone new into their club.  

My poor distributor has had more complaints about the new site than he as ever had before.   Rightly so…   the new site was not clear that we were just another dealer for Netstreams.   Apparently other dealers threw their dummies out of the cot and thought we were a distributor for the product.   I guess they missed the line on the site that says "NTES are a dealer…..", but there you go.  So, as requested, I have put my companies main logo on the front page and jigged around the text so that it is clearer to all that we are just a dealer for the product.

This only makes me think more about how much trouble I had trying to source information about home control products in Ireland, and how unhelpful and non-technical most of the companies were that I called.   It only drives me more to get this product sold, for a reasonable installation price, in Ireland.   The Netstreams product is truly the best in it's class, but it really needs to be easier for "Joe Public" to understand and purchase.   That is what I aim to make happen.

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