Netstreams DigiLinX in Ireland

When I bought my first house, the previous owner had put in an systemline audio distribution system that – for it's time – was excellent.   However, over the life of the system I have found that for an "I.T Minded" person like myself it has a lot of limitations.   Because of this, I started to research for a true IP audio distribution system that would link in to a myriad of other systems.

I initially contacted various AV / Home control companies around Ireland and the UK…   I was amazed as to how little computer knowledge these people have!   As soon as you mention "link to my computer" or "integrate to Media Centre" or "play my iPod" they tend to – for a lack of a better phrase – crap themselves.

After much research, I found that the only mid range product that would integrate to many systems is the Netstreams DigiLinX product.   This company have got it right.    They have mastered the method of providing true high quality IP audio and control to a home build at a reasonable cost.   The quality and design of this product is perfect, and the link in to other systems is driving the product further.   

So, as I said…  Since I could not find an IT minded company here in Ireland to provide this product to home builders – only AV companies, I have started my own.   NTES Netstreams.



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