Snitz Spammers

Spammers really do piss me off.   I mean COME ON!  

Who in their right mind sends money to someone on the other side of the world called Dikka Abagoo, third son of nine, who's brother – Juju Abonka – is a political prisioner.  Remember, he has…   wait for it…. ($10.500,000) Ten Million Five houndred thousand united states dollars only sitting in his bank account that he will share with you on his release.

I mean, are people THAT STUPID!  If so, then I have an idea…   send me ($100.00) One Hundred United States Dollars, and I will do pretty much anything for an hour and you will feel good in the knowledge that you were not ripped off.   I give value for your 100 Bucks.   I mean, you didn't really want to release poor JuJu anyway, did you.

Seriously though.   Spammers are beginning to attack webforums as much as regular email nowadays – included.    Susan just recently updated the Community Server code to version 2.1 here and that has improved this dramatically.   Today however, Mark Minasi's forums also got hit…    A user signs up, then spams other users using the "email a forum member" feature.   Aghghghghgh.

So, for any other Snitz Administrators out there…   there is a mod that one of the snitz community guys put together quickly to combat this.   Thanks "ruirib"

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  1. September 7, 2006 at 12:51 am

    This is exactly why I coded my own blog engine… it just doesn’t make sense to them to create some automated thing for only one website 🙂

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