Hey… where did my RAM go? – WSUS, SVCHOST and High RAM Usage

A quick blog about this…    The problem has been driving me crazy for the last couple of weeks.

Random clients have been calling, reporting that they were having high RAM usage on the SVCHOST process.   That normally worries me and points to some nasties.   Looking further into the issue you can see that the Windows Update service is the cause.

Luckily, Les Connor and Susan Bradley – SBS MVP’s – were already on the case chatting about the issue on our private listserv.  I stumbled across the thread where Susan pointed to:

The Automatic Updates service may stop responding:

Oh wonderful.   ANOTHER PATCH I HAVE TO CALL PSS FOR!   Do Microsoft have ANY idea how difficult and how much of a waste of time it is to sit on the phone just to get a patch!  We so badly need another way!

EDIT 4:  Due to pressure from my fellow SBS MVP’s, I have taken down the links to the patches.   Not that I wanted to, because this situation of having to call for patches outside the USA SUCKS!

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