TrackIR 4 and Flight Simulator X

A while back, Owen Hewitt posted that he loved the TrackIR 4 Product.    I then posted that I was off to purchase one.

I didn’t actually get around to making that purchase, but during the beta of Flight Simulator X I soon realised that I would be spending a lot more time in the Virtual Cockpit than I did in FS 2004.   The reworked cockpits in the default stock of FSX aircraft are simply fantastic!

One remaining item on the list before spending my hard earned money.   Where are the FSX Drivers for TrackIR?    Well, the good news is that the ACES team are working VERY hard with add-on developers around the globe.   Naturalpoint being one of them.   A quick post to the newsgroups and Vincent from Naturalpoint replies with some Beta Drivers for FSX.

I order the kit, it arrives via DHL two days later.  Great service!   I first gave the product a go in Flight Simulator 2004 and it worked perfectly.    Then I kicked up FSX and it worked just as well.  Pretty amazing for a first beta release!   Nice work Naturalpoint!

Anyway, the reason for posting this is simply to let all of you know that you will have drivers for TrackIR in FSX by the time it is released….   so no use holding back on ordering 🙂

EDIT:  I just updated that ordering link on this post.   The guys over at Naturalpoint have given all of my readers $25.00 off the regular price.   Cool Huh!

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