The first ever Flight Simulator pre-release Demo…


This is a first for the ACES team over at Microsoft.    It is something that I applaud and hope to see in future versions.

This proves, once again, that they are interested in community feedback to improve the product.   No doubt there will be some people that complain about them doing this, and others that will complain about the product itself.    I just hope people remember this is pre-release beta code!

This should also please the hundreds of people that email me daily asking how to get on the beta.   Well, now you don’t need to ask anymore, you just need to download the beta and then email with your thoughts, but be nice because the team will simply overlook your email if it is nasty or rude.   Remember, the ACES team are just as passionate (if not more) about this product as you are!

You should also take a read of Mike’s thoughts here.

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